About Us

Property Partnership will partner with you to develop your existing property from a single dwelling house into a multiunit site. Using our extensive experience in property development, our systemized approach will take care of all parts of the project on your behalf

Lincoln Platt

Lincoln has been working as a professional licensed designer for 25 years. This depth of experience has seen Lincoln being involved in a wide range of residential projects, from timber frame buildings to straw, log and mud block homes.

Completing his own developments has given Lincoln a unique insight into the requirements of a developer and what it takes to make a project successful. Designing a project with the end goal of cost and value, that works for the client, is a challenge that he enjoys achieving.

The Christchurch earthquakes provided another opportunity to use his experience through forming a building company that specialised in complicated builds. Guiding both insurance companies and client’s as to the best design and cost outcomes to suit the rebuild needed.

For many years, Lincoln has been an advocate for the need more of houses in our communities. The introduction of the Enabling Housing Bill is an exciting opportunity to provide the increased number of homes needed. Over the last 2 decades, Lincoln, has built an extensive knowledge in multiunit development and is using this experience to help property owners take advantage of the new planning rules to increase their property holdings.

Brent Smith

Brent has been involved within the housing industry since 1987, building a wealth of knowledge as a new home consultant while working for two of the largest housing companies in New Zealand.

In 1993 he formed Bos Construction Ltd where he concentrated on new residential construction in the Canterbury area focusing on a personalised service, he was involved from design, costing to project management until full completion of each project.

In 2011, Brent was involved with setting up Executive Homes Ltd, primarily for the rebuilding of Christchurch residential homes after the devastating earthquakes.
Leading the company’s sales and costing department, Brent liaised between the clients and Insurance Companies to achieve the best possible outcome for their client.

Now with the new Enabling Housing Supply Act 2021, he has formed Property Partnership NZ Ltd with Lincoln Platt to assist property owners increase their wealth through Multiunit Developments by using a systemized process which enables their clients a stress-free development.

With his background in client relationships, he deals directly with clients, suppliers, and their team.

He looks forward in sitting down with you to discuss your development possibilities.